Don Benjamin (event website)

Created For: Don Benjamin

Summary:This is a website design piece that demonstrates my web design and coding ability. For this project, the goal was to website for fashion model, Don Benjamin, which tied in with his marketing campaign. In my process, I met my goal with this solution by creating a focal point and visual hierarchy. By using Don Benjamin and pairing him with grouped type and plenty of whitespace. This supports my web design and coding ability, it showing that I have the ability to multi-tasking and work in many different positions. The strength in this piece is its simplicity, use of whitespace and group of element. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably not change anything, because I think the piece hits its intended goal and is very powerful in its communication and grouping.

My Role: Project Manager, Web Designer, Strategist, Information Architect, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer

Skills Used: HTML5, CSS3, Web Design, Responsive Design

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, NetBeans, WordPress

Don Benjamin (event website)