Charge (package design)

Created For: Art Institute School Assignment

Summary: This is a package design piece that demonstrates my digital design and typography ability. For this project, the goal was to create a clear container carrier, which would stand out while on the store shelf. I met my goal with this solution by using very bright yellow and using stripes of color to coordinate with bottles. In my process, I designed each graphic element so that it belongs and contributes to the balance of the piece. My choice of color and size are appropriate for the goal, the colors that I used were all colors associated with juice and the logo is very large on the packing, so that the brand can easily be spotted. The piece is very clean and easy to visually process, so it is very effective when it comes to consumer sales, this supports my digital design ability. The strength in this piece is its simplicity and its clear color system; this is very effective in any type of visual communication. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably increase the size of the type for the flavors, because I think they are important to the consumer and should stand out a little more.

My Role: Graphic Designer

Skills Used: Graphic Design, Digital Design, Print

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Charge (package design)