Helvetica (print layout)

Created For: Art Institute School Assignment

Summary: This is a print layout piece that demonstrates my print design and typography ability. For this project, the goal was to create fictional print design by selecting the Helvetica font and creating a layout based on it, mainly using Typography. In my process, I made sure each graphic element belonged and contributed to the balance of the piece. They all work together to create the desired effect of using mostly type. This design indicates a high-level of ability in typography, because I had to create a successful design limited to only one specific type, Helvetica. My choice of color, size and style are appropriate for the goal, because they are all easy to visually process. There are only 3 basic colors being used, which add to the simplicity of the piece. The type sizes work well to create very good texture for the layout and great legibility. There is also a very solid visual hierarchy established with the oversized “Helvetica” word and the red strip that guides the viewer’s eye, this supports my print design and typography ability. The strength in this piece is its simplicity and how easily it can be visually processed and is very effective in any type of visual communication. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably not change anything, because the piece effectively hits its intended goal and is very powerful in its communication.

My Role: Graphic Designer

Skills Used: Graphic Design, Digital Design, Print

Software Used: Adobe InDesign

Helvetica (print layout)