Fiercely Optimistic (logo)

Created For: Art Institute School Assignment

Summary: This is a logo design piece that demonstrates my digital design and branding ability. For this project, the goal was to create a logo design that conveyed the meaning of the words in the company name “Fiercely Optimistic”. In my process, I used a simple image of a fierce elephant for the word fierce and raise trunk to symbolize optimism. Each graphic element belongs and contributes to the aesthetics of the piece. The design feels harmonious, because of the simplicity and the use of curved lines. This piece is creative, different, thought provoking in the stance and position of the images used. There is a visual hierarchy established by using the large image as the focal point and the first in the hierarchy. While, the type is secondary in the hierarchy and placed lower in position on the page. My solution communicates the message of being “Fiercely Optimistic” through the imagery and type styles. This piece is very clean and neat for visual interesting; this supports my digital design and branding ability. The strength in this piece is the powerful and memorable image of an elephant. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably not change anything, because the piece effectively hits its intended goal and is very powerful in its communication.

My Role: Graphic Designer

Skills Used: Graphic Design

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Fiercely Optimistic (logo)