3 Calls On Our Lives (infographics)

Created For: New Hope Baptist Church VB

Summary: This is an infographic design piece that demonstrates my digital design ability. For this project, the goal was to create an infographic for a local church and to promote the “3 Call Our Lives” message. In my process, I used a basic color scheme and grouping to keep the design simple and easy to break down. Each graphic element belongs and contributes to the balance of the piece. This design piece is creative, different, and thought provoking, because of the content matter and circular type. There is a visual hierarchy established with the oversized headline at the top most position and the secondary grouping of the circles, this supports my digital design ability and shows that I have the skill to successfully complete an infographic design project. The strength in this piece is its simplicity and how easily it can be visually processed, this is very effective in any type of visual communication. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably not change anything, because the piece successfully hits its intended goal and is very powerful in its communication.

My Role: Project Manager, Web Designer, Strategist, Information Architect, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer

Skills Used: Graphic, Web Design, Typography

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop

3 Calls On Our Lives (infographics)