Beach Storm (digital)

Created For: Art Institute School Assignment

Summary: This is an illustration design piece that demonstrates my illustration ability. For this project, the goal was to create an illustration using basic elements and I met the goal with this solution by creating simple shapes, in Illustrator. In my process, I made sure each graphic element belongs and contributes to the balance of the piece. And, that they all work together to create the desired effect, so the visuals look like a real beach storm. This design indicates a high-level of ability in illustration to create a design only using simple shapes to convey a message, this supports my illustration ability. The strength in this piece is its simplicity and depth, both of which give a sense of realism. If, I were to consider improving upon this design, I would probably not change anything, because I think the piece hits its intended goal and is very powerful in its communication and depth.

My Role: Graphic Designer

Skills Used: Digital Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Beach Storm (digital)